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Graco Lubrication Equipment Overview
Graco Lubrication Equipment

Graco Lubrication Equipment Overview


Carl Turner Equipment offers lube dispensing tools for oil lubes and auto repair shops for San Antonio auto repair providers and more.

Graco Hurricane Pump & Packages


Now there is a quick and simple tool for adding new bulk dispense to your service offering. The Hurricane is a complete dispense system and includes everything you need to get up and running quickly!

  • Fits any container up to 44 in tall with a 2 in NPT opening.

  • Measures in quarts, gallons, pints or liters.

  • Has an automatic nozzle

  • 8 or 25 ft (2.4 or 7.6 m) hose

  • accurate and easy-to-read digital display.

Graco Dispensing Console


For storage of dispense valves where product is piped from beneath the floor.

  • Single add-on fluid module

  • Four-station console

  • Six-station console

Graco Fluid Commander


Accurately dispenses pre-set quantities of transmission fluid, oil and anti-freeze with this easy-to-use, electronic fluid management system.

  • Provides increased accuracy over mechanical counters

  • PIN code prevents unauthorized dispensing

  • Dispense totals tracked by location

  • Dispenses up to 2 fluids

Graco Exhaust Fluid Dispense Systems


Choose from a variety of Graco dispense solutions. From the economical drum package to the high-performance tote packages, every solution is designed with the highest quality components for trouble free operation. Uses long lasting BSPP seals for fewer leaks and a clean work environment. Field-proven pump provides years of reliable operation.

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