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MacroAir Fans | Leaders in HVLS fan technology
MacroAir Technologies Inc.

MacroAir Fans | Leaders in HVLS fan technology


The original inventor of HVLS fans! Carl Turner Equipment is proud to offer MacroAir, the best fans for your auto repair shop. Reduce your electric bill by up to 25% by pulling cold air from the floor and distributing it evenly throughout your facility.

Powerful! Meet the new AirVolution D, a breakthrough in electric motor technology creating 76% more wind power and efficiency using smart technology that also eliminates maintenance requirements. By eliminating mechanical parts the sound of Airvolution is simply that, the sound of air moving. With 50,000 hour warranty you’ll have comfort for many years to come. The onboard airbrain processors senses input power, environmental conditions and fan loads making real time adjustments allowing it to connect to building automation systems allowing you to monitor and control multiple fans.



Using 6 blades instead of 10, AirVolution™ fans fromMacroAir work by generating a large column of air that gently flows down to the ground and outward 360 degrees. The large, slow moving air mass moves throughout the space, mixing and circulating air more efficiently. The quiet operation of the AirVolution fan won’t create unnecessary noise or distraction and the gentle airflow won’t create or stir up dust. AirVolution is available in diameters from 8 to 24 feet.



Featuring our patented 6ixBlade™ technology, AirSpan is a great solution for industrial, warehouse, and commercial spaces over 10,000 sq ft. Spanning 20 to 24 ft, this powerful fan generates massive air flow to create a more comfortable environment and save you money. In fact, the operating cost for 8 hours is only about $1! AirSpan has also earned UL certification, making it one of the safest fans on the market.

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