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Jeff Hammond on Pro-Cut- for the SHOP OWNER or FOREMAN
Pro-Cut Brake Solutions

Jeff Hammond on Pro-Cut- for the SHOP OWNER or FOREMAN


Pro-Cut On Car Brake Lathes allow you to handle your brake jobs quickly. Recommended by top manufacturers world wide, the PFM is a machine which generates money for auto repair dealers and brake service centers and saves your customer money.

Pro-Cut X15 48V DC Lathe

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The X15 is the height of on-vehicle rotor matching power and sophistication, and is the first and only rotor matching system in the world to be driven by a 48v DC motor. The all-new computer system provides disc tracking, maintenance alerts, and variable speed control. Expect smooth operation, tighter run-out tolerances, and superior surface finishes. The 48v DC difference is incredible! You need to see it to believe it.

What's included:

  • DRO computer box (accepts G2X/GYR upgrades)

  • Performance-Plus cutting head

  • 4 wheel, adjustable height trolley

  • 6 adapter package (Std., most cars & light trucks)

  • Standard accessories included

Pro-Cut 9.2 DRO MODEL


The PFM 9.2 DRO base unit is the midsized lathe with all the bells and whistles including fixed-post trolley, speed-lock cutting head, and electronic reporting that monitors lathe use, efficiency, and ROI.

Pro-Cut PFM X9: AC Voltage


The PFM X9 combines our best existing technologies, like patented PFM one button computerized compensation system and 4 wheel-4 axis fully adjustable trolley, and marries them with a sporty new X-Frame lathe chassis, gib-less low maintenance gearbox, powerful high torque drivetrain, and super bright 6 LED light to give you a clear path to higher profits! X9s are digitally expandable to optional G2X and GYR systems.

Pro-Cut B17 BENCH LATHE: DC Voltage

b17-bench-lathe pro cut.jpg

Switching from resurfacing brake discs to drums takes merely seconds with the new P2 quick change cutting head. Feed direction is automatically changed as you spin and lock down the head with just one lever! The power plant of the B17 is a quiet DC motor which provides smooth operation across a wide range of discs and drums. The B17 is equipped with our most advanced electronics package which tracks lathe usage and provides service reminders! All of that and it's mounted on a mobile tool cabinet to safely store all your necessary adapters and accessories. You just can't beat the B17's quality, precision and innovation from the folks who perfected on-car lathes!

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