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Rotary Revolution -- All the lift at a price that supports your budget

Rotary Revolution -- All the lift at a price that supports your budget


Revolution has moved and now they offer so much more with Forward Lift, a sister Vehicle Service Group brand, with a history of hard-working, dependable lifts for any shop’s need. Forward thinkers look for a dependable, durable lift that’s inexpensive but still reliable for years to come.

Two-Post: Forward Lift BP9

bp9 two post forward lift carl turner equipment.jpg

The BP9 9,000 lbs. capacity lift is perfect for customers who need a two-post lift and have low ceilings. The BP9’s overall height is 111 1/4 inches tall. That means it will fit, even if you have 10 foot ceilings. The BP stands for base plate indicated by the steel plate that run between the two columns of the lift. This plate protects the cables that would normally run overhead on any other two-post lift. This allows for shorter columns, hence the lower ceiling height requirement.

Two-Post: Forward Lift I12PRO

I12pro two post lift forward lift carl turner equipment.jpg

Forward’s I12PRO two-post lift is gold certified with a 12,000 pound capacity for raising most passenger cars, trucks and vans. With two heavy-duty push hydraulic cylinders designed to increase lift performance and minimize down-time. Durable powder coat finish provides exceptional protection from the wears a shop will see over the years. Forward’s spring operated arm restraints are just one feature that keep these heavy duty lift arms constantly performing at their peak performance.

Four-Post: Forward Lift CR14

CR14 four post lift forward lift carl turner equipment.jpg

Designed to meet the service needs of today’s cars, vans, and trucks with 14,000 lbs. capacity! Taller column design adds an 79″ rise height providing techs better vehicle service access. This coupled with the multi-position lock components keeps your shop flexible. A new improved heavy duty high-performance cable and sheaves system conveniently concealed under the runway – this heavy duty system allows for greater capacity and durability. Tucked under the lift this system remains accessible for quick inspections yet doesn’t pose a snag issue while working. Durable powder coat finish ensures your lift will continue to look good for years of service. Self-chocking approach ramps engage when lift is raised – protective strips on ramps prevent floor gouging.

Two-Post: Forward Lift I10

I10 two post lift forward lift carl turner equipment.jpg

Frame engaging rubber padded truck adapters with multiple extensions to raise most vehicles on the road today. Includes four (each) adapter extensions at 3.5″ and 5″. Spot-Rite™ 3-Stage Front Arms to accommodate vehicles both symmetrically and asymmetrically. This feature allows the technician to position the vehicle doors in front of or behind the column to prevent door damage.

Four-Post: Forward Lift EFP9

EFP9 four post lift forward lift carl turner equipment.jpg

9,000 lbs. capacity 4 post lift, perfect for the home enthusiast. 20″ wide runway for wider vehicles

Midrise: Forward Lift 6000MRL

6000MRL mid rise lift forward lift carl turner equipment.jpg

The mid-rise 6,000 lbs. capacity lift is an excellent choice for low ceilings or adding a bay for seasonal increases in business. The 6000MRL provides good working height for tires, brakes and body repairs.

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