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Rotary® R145 Tiltback Tire Changer Training
Rotary Lift

Rotary® R145 Tiltback Tire Changer Training


At Carl Turner Equipment we work with only the best. Cheap products don’t last and they aren’t good for productive shops. Save time and money and ask for the best in Rotary tire and wheel changers, aligners and balancers. 

Rotary R146RP SUPER Swingarm Pro Max Tire Changer

R146RPSuper Tire Changer.jpg

The hand-controlled R146RP SUPER includes an air-driven PLUS91SA HELPER ARM. This bead top pressing and tire lifting device for large and special tires feature a lower bead lifting roller and pneumatic top bead pressing tool.
NOTE: PLUS91SA IS NOT INSTALLED PRIOR TO DELIVERY The extra height of the vertical post and tool shaft allows operation on tires to a maximum 15” (381 mm) tire width.

  • Integrated Wheel Lift Attachment

  • Hand controlled, double-acting bead breaker

  • Bead Pushing Roller

  • Storage Tray

  • Extra-large 46” frame

  • 110v drive motor supplies needed torque

  • Air tank located in column

  • The gearbox is supported by steel plates to avoid flex

  • Removable pedal assembly for easy maintenance

  • Tire paste lubricant and brush

  • Available with Airpower motor (Model # R146RAPS)

Rotary R247D Swingarm Center Lock Tire Changer

R247D Tire Changer.jpg

High volume design and productivity features make this the go-to pro performance swing arm tire changer for the busiest tire centers. Easy to use center post mounting increases productivity and reduces the risk of wheel damage. Comes standard with metal and plastic mounting and demounting heads.

  • Quick Locking Wheel Centering Adapter

  • Side Mounted Bead Breaker

  • Integrated Wheel Lift

  • Storage cabinet standard

  • Variable Speed Control Inverter

  • Lower Bead Lifting Roller

  • Pneumatic Top Bead Pressing Tool

  • 220v Drive Motor Provides Needed Torque

Rotary R1200 Leverless Pro Tire Changer

Rotary Tire Changer R1200.png

Rotary’s new leverless dual bead breaker changer provides your shop with a tire-changing powerhouse, keeping the most difficult to change wheels safe from damage. This changer has chain synchronized bead breaker arm(s) with power-assisted positioning. The mount/demount tool, upper and lower rollers easily index together with the same single control.


  • Adjustable height quick-locking center post

  • Fully synchronized dual bead rollers & premium leverless tool

  • Wheel lift

  • Easy to use controls

  • Power-assisted press arm

  • Match mount indexing

  • Blast inflation

Rotary R145DR Tiltback VSC Tire Changer

R145DR Tire Changer.jpg

The R145DR is an automatic tire changer with an innovative electric motor inverter, which gives the ability to regulate the chucking table rotation speed to reduce the stress on the bead to avoid any damage to the tire. This tire machine is also equipped with the Fast Inflation (FI) configuration.

  •  Automatic Tire Changer

  •  FI Configuration (quick inflation for tubeless tires)

  •  220V power-driven motor

  •  Invemotor 0-16 Variable Speed Control

  •  Designed for Large and Wide Tires

  •  Shown with standard helper included

  •  Hand operated bead breaker handle

Rotary R1150 Leverless Tire Changer

R1150 Rotary Tire Changer.jpg

Rotary’s premium leverless tire changer provides your shop with a safer, more efficient tire-changing process—all while protecting your customers’ wheels from damage. The R1150 requires no tire tool. There’s no metal-to-metal contact. And it’s designed to handle the most challenging tire and wheel combinations on the market.

  • Patented leverless system

  • Quick-locking device with centering cone

  • Locking system is suitable for reverse rims

  • 220v variable-speed inverter motor

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