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Rotary R155 Wheel Balancer
Rotary Solutions

Rotary R155 Wheel Balancer


At Carl Turner Equipment we work with only the best. Cheap products don’t last and they aren’t good for productive shops. Save time and money and ask for the best in Rotary tire and wheel changers, aligners and balancers. 

Rotary R138 Shop 2D Wheel Balancer

R138 Coats Wheel Balancer.jpg

This first level motorized balancer offers a great value to any shop. Its small footprint and lower rotational speed offers features even the most demanding operator will appreciate. A heavy-duty shaft, large offset for deep rims, easy to read display and standard accessories offering completes this great package.

  •  Automatic Program

  •  Automatic Start

  •  Caliper

  •  Digital Display

  •  Hidden Weight Program

Rotary R155 Pro 3D Wheel Balancer

R1551 Coats Wheel Balancer.jpg

Equipped with all the features for the most demanding professional. Easy operation thanks to interactive inputs, which guide the operator during all the phases of the balancing process. Fast balancing process with automatic start when the cover is lowered and automatic stop of the wheel in the external unbalanced position.

  •  Simple visual display

  •  Automatic program

  •  Internal data gauge

  •  Space saving footprint

Rotary R544Plus Pro Truck 3D Wheel Balancer

R544P-2021 Coats Wheel Balancer.jpg

This versatile commercial truck balancer can handle all large jobs.  Designed for fast accurate balancing of commercial, passenger vehicle and motorcycle wheels.  It’s a big package that’ll handle everything that’ll roll into your shop.

  • Includes Passenger, Light Truck, and Heavy Duty adapters standard

  • Pneumatic wheel lift standard

  • Pneumatic locking (No Wingnut)

  • Pneumatic Positioning Lock

  • Color Monitor for easy operation

  • Glove-friendly keypad

Rotary R148 Pro Shop 2D Wheel Balancer

R148 Coats Wheel Balancer.jpg

A no-nonsense balancer with digital display. Program 12 features into this balancer to handle car and light truck tires assemblies. Automatic distance plus diameter measurements caliper. Automatic ALU S program.

  • 2D Data Entry With Data Set Arm

  • 7 Piece Collet Set Standard

  • Small Lt truck Cone Standard

  • Side Storage board Standard

  • Split Weight / Hidden Weight Mode

  • Positioning Pedal

Rotary R180 Pro 3D Auto Wheel Balancer

R180 Coats Wheel Balancer.jpg

Our premier wheel balancer, the R180’s automatic balancing mode provides the precision that ensures your techs are able to do the job right the first time. And the automatic wheel dimension sonar and laser rim profile scanner minimize the number of necessary wheel weights—saving you time and money.

  • Rim profile laser scanner

  • Multiple balancing programs

  • Save weight memory feature

  • Pinpoint laser weight indicator

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